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  Stream  StatusViewersView
  SGDoc(1-0) 64 Player Draft and Standardized Testing between Rounds with Suzy and the Doc.430view
  CalebDMTG64 Man Draft -- Come Hang ! -- The Full Kappa300view
  TreyVanCleave24 Hour Stream - Live Coaching Now with 3-Time GP Winner!143view
  IlyonTVDay 111 of 100 - Still going, Dragons and Drafts40view
  BillyTheFridgeMonday Night Puntball!!34view
  UberGoosShort DTK draft22view
  SpawnOfVirtueLegacy Daily with Abza-Pod Nic-Fit [ 1 - 3 ] (Also, new internet and new playlist!)10view
  tribalelephantStandard Daily6view
  happymtgHareruya TC Feature Table Live5view
  JayBoneCaponeStd Rally With Walls5view
  Jordan7NationLate Night MTG. Sorting cards, talking recent FNM | MKX after!3view
  messanthropedrafting ....failing stroooong2view
  gooseygoose88Dragons of Tarkir Draft2view
  GiraffeFightFirst Stream! Theros Sealed Get In?1view
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