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  Stream  StatusViewersView
  HAUMPHGP: Nashville Top 4 Prep. Drafting KTK!668view
  SirPsychoMantisUB Tezzeret - Modern Daily Event141view
  oRS_MTGOTop 100 Limited Interactive Stream Khans Drafts!86view
  MattiasNLState of Legacy episode 7 with Bahra & ItsJulian51view
  Fatsuno[Standard] Abzan Aggro! 47view
  spanky_kcLive Legacy Testing for GP:New Jersey !!!! @ Spanky's Card Shop! in Kansas City, MO 47view
  PracticalDKModern DE: ChaliceShift.30view
  TedsternatorModern U/R Delver: Lunchbreak MTG25view
  atemeskKhans 8-4s with some tunes16view
  SpeckipremiumloverENG MTG KTK PrePTQ // 12view
  PhargroSpooky Sealed!!! 9view
  lookinglasselfVintage 2 Man Queues: Storm5view
  OutpostBrussels Khans of Tarkir Draft 8-4 MTGO avec Thomas & Georges4view
  Mrlee3Fist time streaming, help me "Get Good" at Magic^^4view
  SmoreheadSlept in for a ptq prelim, heres 5 mins of deckbuilding lol3view
  bulder1992 (ಠ_ಠ) Game Face Boys (ಠ_ಠ) 1view
  Comic_KombinatFNM KTK Boosterdraft 10-10-20141view
  T2brewsSPOOKY SEALED! (touhoumon between rounds)0view
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