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  Stream  StatusViewersView
  RandyBuehlerVintage Super League969view
  HAUMPHCommunity Cup testing! Drafting VMA with LSV!350view
  oarsman79SCG Invitational Top 16 Countdown281view
  Fatsuno[Standard] GR Devotion125view
  SGDocM15 8-4s, Standard with GB Constellation. Boros and Pop with Phil and the Doc (who has laryngitis)! Celebrating 1 Year of Streaming. <3114view
  TheboyksTwo nerds play a card game with live chat.67view
  elantrisM15 Limited Champ Qualifier ~*47view
  Dragonas77Commander Shenanigans! Skype with Dethstrike4426view
  mcTavish_Tank Top VMA Drafting20view
  BillyTheFridgeChillin' with the Fridge! M15 8-4 Draft16view
  efil4zaknupomeLegacy Daily13view
  OuterrealmcardsTuesday Night Standard!11view
  Architect_Gaming3-1 in the daily with Burn! testing new tech! Giveaway @150follows! Come hang out!8view
  RomariovidalMTG Legacy playing Tin Fins6view
  Hearthston3dGR DEVOTION + M15 DRAFT5view
  RonspikeMagic, the Struggle 5view
  QTL7M15 Sealed Daily4view
  Supak111BIRTHDAY STREAM! M15 Draft3view
  DjFapCityM15 for my nigs2view
  cchun89M15 Phantom Sealed1view
  LordHasekSunday night drafting M15! GO GO GO0view
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