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  Stream  StatusViewersView
  HAUMPHDo you believe in Magic? 1385view
  CalebDMTGLegacy RUGlife Standard Dargons387view
  NealOliver88Cranial Platings and Magic Origins talks!191view
  RandyBuehlerGauntlet of Greatness - Season 3 Debut!187view
  itsJulian♚ Legacy Elves + 0x FNM Winner Matt Pavlic ♚ with 3x FNM Winner - itsJulian.com101view
  VashTheStampedEDH Things and Stuff27view
  Magus_of_the_MoonDrafting MMA2! 1855 limited rating!17view
  MobiusPickMTGO Modern Affinty Matches11view
  The_Ballester[ESP] Standard Playing Monogreen10view
  SpranklzSpranklz Drafting DTK9view
  Draconis2000Modern Practice!! Come for the Magic, stay for the Fun!7view
  MTGRadioCommander and Coffee! Hello and Good Luck!5view
  LegionGamesMNPPTQ #1 2016 6/284view
  WitcheryTVAffinity Testing3view
  TrueastMILL OR BUST!!!! *|| MTG ||* Xmage SuperHappyFuntime!3view
  Gerards_GamingMagic: The Gathering2view
  SatiwihimiBear Watch1view
  Karmic11034pm Daily1view
  RealEvilGeniusStandard Daily with GR Devotion!0view
  ShoptechHoje FNM Standard - 24/04/20150view
  TheNoggleBanditDraft Stream Time Excelent0view
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