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  Stream  StatusViewersView
  oarsman79Legacy with Miracles713view
  SGDocKTK Draft then Brewsday Tuesday, Where the Chat Decides Which Standard Deck We Brew! QUAL'D HYPE! Pack-Crackin', Boros and Pop with the Doc!167view
  elantrisBooze Cube146view
  theMeaderyStandard - UW Heroic w/ Kent Ketter (Cube is happening soon)145view
  IlyonTVNew Channel Name - Cube Drafts!56view
  MaxMitchell3001[Standard] Jeski Ascendancy Token Combo and Standard champ Qual w/ Abzan41view
  BillyTheFridgeKTK 8-4 and Billy the Fridge's special sauce. 36view
  RomariovidalMTG Legacy Daily30view
  efil4zaknupomeLegacy Daily10view
  Tier1cardsTNM Standard @ Tier 1 Cards and Games10view
  bulder1992VMA Storm10view
  CardhoarderQuest for 15th QP (VMA draft) with MTGO Dealer7view
  supahKSUKTK Draft n' Brew6view
  pierakor[Pauper] Bant TurboFog6view
  PhlogistenLegacy Testing: Jeskai Stoneblade vs Punishing Dark Mav5view
  MisterChuponM15 Sealed! Woo!4view
  tribalelephantKTK Drafting!3view
  edkiyotaLegacy Cube w/ music~!3view
  MalistreLegacy Paper Magic! Tuesday Night Magic Tourney!2view
  Papa_PiloMagic KTK Single Elimination Booster Draft1view
  TheGamersDomeKTK 8-4 Draft1view
  FannyPackHeroA Funky 8-40view
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