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  Stream  StatusViewersView
  MagicPro Tour Magic Origins Top 8: Replay2466view
  MTGRadioCommander & Coffee. That PT was GAS258view
  SemulinOrigins - Draft220view
  MagicTheAmateuringOri Draft w/ Maria & Meghan of Magic the Amateuring!87view
  KashBryantWHERE MY YUGI'S AT?!|Unique Stream Minigames| How's Your Sunday?!!?63view
  BaneBaneBane64 Man Draft with some Elves40view
  ScaldingHotSoupOrigins 8-4 drafting!34view
  coachcreamyModern: Dredgevine with Creamy29view
  MaxMitchell3001[Standard] Abzan. Jund graveyard between rounds/ Modern/Draft if I scrub.20view
  HareruyaHareruya TC Feature Table Live18view
  DraftMagicDraftin' Origins & Playin' Duels16view
  David_LeavittMagic Duels14view
  synevilMono Red double ques 1-1 in the daily 3-2 on the night 200 follower hype9view
  LegitMTGHEAD GAMES with bigheadjoe LIVE NOW!!!!!8view
  reddedGamingPauper Daily with Mono Black Control! Come and watch! Modern between rounds!8view
  CAPTAINxDEEMagic modern playtesting7view
  RonspikeDAILY PAUPER5view
  MagicHouseRESISTANCE THO6view
  PhlogistenLegacy Practice (Punishing Dark Mav vs Miracles)5view
  PrayForSleep(PC) Magic Campaign5view
  BoggsimusPlaying Magic. I'm a Wizard, Hagrid!3view
  TheNoggleBanditSmashing Origins Drafts3view
  Papa_PiloThe Origins.. Draft3view
  Bljx2273xModern Affinity! (1-0)2view
  GiraffeFightGiraffeFight > Pro Tour1view