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  Stream  StatusViewersView
  solebush1Drafting and stuff384view
  SemulinLet there be drafting!71view
  dkspur2M15 8-4s Day 14 of 100. FEAR THE BEARD35view
  oRS_MTGOTop 120 Limited Interactive Stream PTQ Finals31view
  TeamRug4 color gifts in modern 8 man Streaming all day 21view
  BillyTheFridgeDurdle drafts with M15 and contemplating eternity. Come chill with the Fridge!20view
  FrawlyneKhans of Tarkir PreRelease Weekend at All A-Board Games Start Times in PST Satuday Sept 20 12am, 10am, 5pm Sunday Sept 21 12am, 11am, 4pm13view
  GameStart3Testeo de legacy espaƱol (21/09)8view
  aznislanderPTQ!!! and HS legend grinding.6view
  PhalionTired and Sick, playin some yolo cubes. 4view
  HobbitsLandHobbit's Land Cascais! MTG BroadCast 3view
  ThatsampooleguyMass Effect 2 - Salarian Egg Sandwich Part 9 /w thatsampooleguy1view
  theMeaderyKhans of Tarkir Prerelease - Sealed @ Mead Hall Games in MPLS, MN.0view
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