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  Stream  StatusViewersView
  G3RRYTINVI Prep! Modern With Jund!1442view
  TreyVanCleave3-Time GP Winner - DTK Drafting + Modern Daily!131view
  MagicMicsPremier Show - 11PM ET Wednesday!67view
  HareruyaHareruya TC Feature Table Live32view
  Munk___Mardu Dragons 8-Mans22view
  IlyonTVDay 148 of 150 - Drinks and drafts!20view
  RomariovidalLegacy Daily: trying to be the second most watched legacy stream20view
  IGOPresMansamLive Alters and MM2015 Crack-a-Pack!14view
  theSgtBearModern Merfolk Daily13view
  SmashAndBurnMTGStandard Win-A-Box @ GLW9view
  SpawnOfVirtueTwitch Brews Session, Punishing Grixomancer!9view
  crewmanwilsonDrafting DTK 8-4. PUCATRADERS GET THE SLEEVE!9view
  FushinopanicDTK 8-4 Drafts - Zombie theme9view
  U_mageLegacy Daily with Enchantress 1-0 (Pauper between rounds)7view
  GasMTG24 hour stream - GASMTG X REI BARKER - Organic, 99% fat free! 7view
  Papa_PiloDrafting Time7view
  Bigdizzy666MTG Set Design #16view
  MafinkyPauper Testing3view
  TCGRealmFriday Night Magic (Standard)3view
  RappaTVSkype: MTG Standard2view
  Tzunami555DTK/FRF draft2view
  Impalsi1DDF 8-4s with commentary2view
  xXxPappaSmurfxXxMagic The Gathering 20152view
  AWildWesoSt. Jude Charity Stream! Standard Lobby1view
  CecilMonkMontando um deck divertido [BR/EN] [Cockatrice] Rumo ao CLM!1view
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